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Black Limba

Black Limba Terminalia ivorensis
The color has varying degrees of brown to black with a tinge of orange streaking, the heartwood may have grey-black streaks. Black Limba is a close, straight grained timber, sometimes with interlocked or wavy grain producing excellent figure, with a moderately coarse but even texture. Black Limba nails, screws and glues well. Also known as Korina, ofram, limba, and akom.
Birds Eye forms around the log due to ’sleeping bud growth’, this shows as small dots in the wood. Other causes are: -Parasite fungi which causes irregularity in the cambium. Birdseye develop when the tree grows on barren and rocky ground.
Typical Uses: Furniture and musical instruments. Was used by Gibson in producing their now highly sought-after Flying V and Explorer guitars in 1957.
Source Region: West Africa